How to Look Fashionable in Oversized Clothing

Oversize clothes are known for being the clothes you wear when you do not want to put any effort into your outfit or look for the day. Shapeless, loose clothes like sweaters, hoodies, and giant t-shirts are infamous pieces that you do not feel too guilty about wearing them in house. Oversize clothes are no longer considered unfashionable. In fact, according to Brent Emerson, a fashion designer with stores in North Carolina and Arizona oversize clothes can be made into an essential part of a wide range of trendy looks. Most contemporary social media users have come across online imagery of famous models looking stunning in a big, baggy dress.

Here are Some Ways to Rock Oversize Clothing:

Many women buy clothes that are several sizes bigger for them. While this method works at times with the right pieces, it is not the most excellent idea as a general rule of thumb. Clothing pieces that are several sizes too big for you are not going to be oversize only where you wish them to be. Rather, they will be baggy in all the incorrect places as well as the accurate ones. Brent says to stay within two to three sizes of your size to avoid unappealing all-over bagginess.

One of the key issues many women come across with oversize clothing is that tremendously loose clothing pieces can end up making you look baggy. This is why Brent says that if you want to be comfortable and casual in loose clothes it does not mean you want to look like a blob.

Oversize tops along with tights are the ideal pair. Tights fit cozily against your skin and are naturally slimming and lengthening for your legs. Moreover, they are very neutral and allow your oversize clothing piece to be the singular crucial point of your look. Pair black tights with heeled booties or an oversize sweater T-shirt and to create a slimming and streamlined finish.

Oversize clothes that have no structure at all usually end up looking unflattering and baggy no matter how curved your natural form is. Thus, it is important to ensure that the oversize pieces you wear do not lack structure. Stay away from any baggy pieces that seem round or shapeless, as these are the clothes that are likely to make you look wider and larger than you actually are.

Brent Emerson Fashion Designer says that the oversize pieces you wear should maintain some type of shape and structure. This structure can be anything, from a tight, neckline on an oversize sweater to a bold, wide, collar on a loose-fitting blazer. All your piece needs is some type of fitted shape.

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