Fashion and Jewelry Trend for the Year 2021 by Brent Emerson

Such pieces of jewelry, whether bold or eccentric, elaborate or chunky, automatically attract attention and stimulate amicable talks. Jewelry is an incredible opportunity to express yourself, so choose pieces that are a good fit for your style and personality. It also lets your individuality and ingenuity shine through, allowing them to speak for themselves.

When the jewelry is styled with the outfits, it adds a lot of spark to the outfit and instantly makes it look better. Fashion and jewelry go along and are becoming a style in 2021.

In this article, it has been discussed which jewelry could be styled with which outfit and the running trend across us. We are going to throw light on the insight of Brent Emerson’s ideas, a famous fashion designer. His insights are;

Clay Rings with a White Monochrome Outfit

Chunky and colorful polymer clay rings have been running around in trend and we have seen them taking a good position on Pinterest and TikTok. So does the white monochrome is in trend and the rings are styled with this outfit, they make a statement and add color to the outfit. The whole look comes out to be pretty graceful in all.

Lock Chains Styled in Multiple Ways

Lock chains can be worn with a sleeveless top, leather shorts, and a chain necklace. With a fitted blazer, relaxed pants, and a dad hat, dress up your favorite hoodie. Even though it is summer, cardigans are still necessary. Wear it as a shirt to truly show off your chain necklace. His stores of Arizona and North Carolina have different types of lock chains.

Star Constellation Necklace with Square Neck Top

The star constellation necklace is a dainty necklace that is in a choker style. It can go with various outfits and it looks great with tops that have square neck cuts. The necklace has a minimal yet chic look to it and is available in gold and silver color.

Seed Bead Choker Necklace with Puff Sleeve Round Neck Top

The seed bead choker necklace is amongst the top in trend and they can be made handmade, they are made of seed beads and are very colorful and vibrant. They look good with almost every outfit such as a puff sleeve top with a round neck that can rock the look when paired with a beaded bead choker. Other tank tops or title neck tops can also be paired with the choker as they also look good with it. Brent Emerson, NC keeps his fashion designer clothes with suitable jewelry.

Layered Chains with Turtle Neck and V-neck

A person can wear a layered chain with deep V-necks or crop tops to show off the body chain’s ingenuity and originality. Wear them with monochromatic dark-colored ensembles to let your jewelry stand out the most. The layers chains also go along really well with the turtle neck tops and many fashion influencers have been seen to style these chains with a turtle or V-neck tops.

Mismatched Earrings with Blazers or Dresses

Asymmetrical earrings are becoming increasingly popular, and several celebrities have been seen wearing them. This fascinating design has received a lot of attention on the runways this year. They go well when styled with blazers and dresses, the overall fit looks complete and beautiful. Brent Emerson likes people to have mismatched earrings with dark colored blazers.